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Limited by SOLO is a space dedicated to international contemporary art, offering unique works and exclusive limited editions created by a select group of artists. Each piece is the result of a painstaking production process involving close collaboration with the artists themselves, along with prestigious workshops and professionals, using only the best-quality materials. Developed to the highest standards and individually certified, each edition is presented in tailored packaging conceived as part of the artwork itself.

Artworks edition types:

    Our unique and exclusive artworks are an outcome of the artist support programme which is central to Colección SOLO. Curated by our team, the pieces made available through Limited by SOLO are the result of our close relationship and collaboration with artists, a creative journey which ends with you as the new keeper of a unique and certified work of art.  

    Limited editions intervened by a second artist. The result is a unique, unrepeatable work, a creative collaboration between two or more artists.

    Limited, numbered and certified editions, the result of close collaboration with the participating artist. Expertly crafted by leading professionals and renowned ateliers.
    Artist’s proofs are an essential part of the creative process and, as such, they are not numbered as part of the total limited edition. Their experimental nature and connection to the artist make them sought-after items for collectors.

    Each piece is transported from the studio using tailor-made packaging conceived as part of the artwork itself.

    Artworks designed by our artists without a pre-established limit on the number to be produced. Quality and accessibility make open editions the perfect starting point for a collection.


Our artworks by category: 


Leading workshops, expert printers and exquisite materials allow us to translate the vision, linework and texture of our artists’ original creations into outstanding prints.

  • Photogravure: Printmaking technique using photographic images acid-engraved onto metal plates. At Limited by SOLO, we develop our photogravure prints with Benveniste Contemporary, one of Europe’s leading artistic print works. Each numbered edition is crafted by hand and printed on the finest quality papers to ensure that the essence of the artist’s original linework, colour and texture is maintained.

  • Hard ground etching: Printmaking technique in which the plate is hand carved. At Limited by SOLO, we work with Benveniste Contemporary to develop our hard ground etchings, a process which involves participating artists spending time at the printmaker’s atelier to hand-engrave their works onto the plates used for printing. The finest quality papers are selected to ensure that the essence of the artist’s original linework, colour and texture is maintained.

  • Inkjet Prints: High quality digital prints, often used for artists whose original artworks are created using new media.

  • Lenticular print: Printing technique using multiple images and lenticular lenses to create an illusion of depth or 3D effect, especially attractive for new media or video artists.


Shipping and conservation

We take every care to ensure that the limited edition prints developed at Limited by SOLO arrive at their destination in perfect condition. Depending each artwork’s size and conservation requirements, prints will be sent in a solid tube or folder, covered in acid-free paper. This packaging is boxed for shipping.

Once it has arrived, we recommend flat storage, even if the print is not going to be framed immediately. Should you choose to frame, museum grade or UV protected glass is advisable.



The artworks curated by our team come to life in three dimensions and with a wealth of fine details thanks to a painstaking production process working with resins, bronze and wood.

Our sculptures are created in close collaboration with participating artists who personally oversee the production of 3D prototypes. Once perfected, these are then hand-finished to become limited edition works for Limited by SOLO.


Packaging as art
At Limited by SOLO, our packaging is conceived as an extension of the artwork itself. As well as guaranteeing optimum protection for each piece, the custom-designed packaging used for our limited editions reflects the essence of the works themselves. In line with our approach to shipping and conservation, this tailor-made packaging is also boxed for transport.



Part publication, part work of art, the books available through Limited by SOLO are genuine collectors’ items, offering insights on exceptional artists and submerging readers in their work.

Curated by experts, these editorial gems are printed to the highest standards and with painstaking attention to detail; books that are exclusive art objects in themselves.



Artworks from Limited by SOLO are signed, numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity that enables confirmation of authorship.