General Terms & Conditions



The purpose of these General Terms & Conditions of Sale is to establish the conditions and ways in which SOLO CONTEMPORARY, S.L.U (“SOLO CONTEMPORARY”) sells the products it offers on its online shop, located at (the “website”).

By placing an order on the online shop, the Customer confirms that they have read, understood and accepted these General Contracting Conditions.

SOLO CONTEMPORARY reserves the right to change these General Terms & Conditions at any time. In the event of any changes, the version of the General Terms & Conditions in force when the order is placed will apply to that order.

These General Contracting Conditions will enter into force on July 15th., 2020.

Please read these General Terms & Conditions carefully, as well as our Legal Disclaimer and Privacy and Cookie Policy before using the website. 


To purchase a product, the Customer must follow the steps and instructions available in our online shop. The Customer can locate products through a general search, or by scrolling through categories. The Customer can select the items they wish to purchase and add them to their basket by clicking on the “Purchase” button. On our online shop, the Customer can access information on the product name/reference, photograph and unit price. The Customer can add as many products and as many units as they like. When arriving at the checkout stage, the Customer must enter where to send the product.

Prices shown on the website are inclusive of VAT. The shipping costs Shipping costs, to any part of the world, are assumed by SOLO CONTEMPORARY.

Taxes, duties and customs charges that apply to sales to non-EU countries, are shown separately and will be payable by the Customer. SOLO CONTEMPORARY has contracted the use of the ZONOS company software ( so that the client can see the details of the costs incurred for these concepts. This software will provide the Client, with full transparency, the cost of customs duties and tariffs for any order.

The sale will not be final until SOLO CONTEMPORARY sends the Customer the order confirmation and the Customer settles the purchase price in full. However, SOLO CONTEMPORARY reserves the right to cancel any Customer order should there be a payment problem or for any other legitimate reason, particularly should the order be abnormal in nature. In such case, SOLO CONTEMPORARY will have no obligation to compensate the Customer.

The Customer must provide SOLO CONTEMPORARY with the following information: email address, billing address, shipping address and/or other contact details (which must be true and accurate) and their tax identification number/ foreign national’s identification number/ passport number and/or corresponding tax identification number, as required to proceed with the lawful purchase of the product or to ship it to the indicated destination. For more detailed information on Data Protection, please see our Privacy Policy.  


All product orders are subject to availability. In the event of supply difficulties, or if any article is out of stock, we reserve the right to provide the Customer with information about replacement products of the same or better quality and value that they may order. Should the Customer not wish to order a replacement product, they will be refunded the product price.


The payment methods on our online store are: 1) credit or debit cards such as Visa, American Express and Mastercard; 2) payment platforms such us PayPal and Google Pay; 3) other payment methods detailed in our online store, by placing its logo on our web or specifically mentioning it.

Returns accepted by SOLO CONTEMPORARY will be refunded using the same method of payment that the Customer used to pay for the order.

SOLO CONTEMPORARY reserves the right not to process an order for a Customer who has failed to pay, in part or in full, a previous purchase or who has an outstanding payment issue.

SOLO CONTEMPORARY will not be liable for any fraud or fraudulent use of any method of payment not detected during the verification process. The Customer guarantees SOLO CONTEMPORARY that it has the authorisation necessary to use the method of payment chosen to pay for the order.

Fraudulent use of a bank card will not be grounds for SOLO CONTEMPORARY to refund any amounts.

When supplying product shipping information, the Customer may request a full invoice and enter the invoicing details required to that end. Should the Customer not request a full invoice, SOLO CONTEMPORARY will issue a sales ticket, which will not include the Customer’s tax details.   


Orders can be delivered to any country in the world, except where, due to reasons beyond the control of the shipping company engaged by SOLO CONTEMPORARY, for any cause, it is not possible to deliver to the destination indicated by the Customer.

SOLO CONTEMPORARY will send the ORDER within 30 days of the purchase date, except for special orders, due to the shipping destination, volume, size of the product purchased, availability of the product when the purchase took place or by special conditions such as ‘pre-sale’.

The order will be shipped by the shipping company expressly engaged by SOLO CONTEMPORARY to the indicated address. Deliveries to PO boxes are not permitted.

Should the shipping company engaged by SOLO CONTEMPORARY find it impossible to deliver the order, it will find a safe place to leave it. In such case, we will contact you by email at the email address you provided when making the purchase, to inform you of the location of your order. If 15 days pass after the order is available for delivery, and the shipping company has not been able to deliver the order for reasons beyond its control, the order will be returned to SOLO CONTEMPORARY, and we will understand that you wish to withdraw from the agreement and will consider it rescinded. Following rescission of the agreement, SOLO CONTEMPORARY will refund the Customer for payments received; however, the shipping costs resulting from rescission may be additional, in which case the Customer authorises SOLO CONTEMPORARY to pass on the corresponding costs.


Under articles 102 et. seq. of the Spanish Consolidated General Consumers and Users Act, [Ley General de consumidores y Usuarios] passed by Royal Legislative Decree 1/2017, the Customer will have a withdrawal period of fourteen (14) business days from delivery of the order to return the product or products for a refund. If the period of fourteen (14) days should end on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, the period will extend to the next business day.

For refunds, the Customer must follow the instructions described at the ‘Exchanges and Returns’ page.

Once SOLO CONTEMPORARY has received the email, it will send an acknowledgement to the Customer at the email address provided during the purchase, indicating how to complete the product return. The product or products must be returned in perfect condition. No refunds will be given should the product have been used beyond opening it, should the product not be in the same condition as on delivery or should it have been damaged in any way. If the product is not returned in its original packaging or wrapping, the product will be considered to have lost value, and SOLO CONTEMPORARY may appraise it and potentially reduce the refund amount paid to the Customer.

Full refunds will be paid no later than 14 days after the right of withdrawal is exercised. At the end of that period, the amount owed will accrue interest at the statutory interest rate in force. SOLO CONTEMPORARY will refund amounts paid using the same method of payment used by the Customer in the purchase.

The Customer will not be entitled to withdraw from the agreement if the products supplied are personalised or produced according to the Customer’s specifications, or for items sealed due to health or hygiene reasons where the seal has been broken.

It is possible to exchange one item for another, but the Customer has to bear the shipping cost of the second item. Only one exchange will be allowed, in a maximun of 14 days since the date of the delivery, this is without prejudice to the right of the Customer to return the second item and have it reimbursed. The conditions in which the item has to be exchange are the same as the ones that apply to returns (original package and perfect condition). If the new item has a higher price, the Customer will pay the difference; if the price is lower, SOLO CONTEMPORARY will reimburse to the client the difference, using the same payment method that was used by the Customer.


The Customer is covered by the legal warranty provided for in articles 114 to 124 of the Consolidated General Consumers and Users Act passed by Royal Legislative Decree 1/2017. The Customer may enforce the legal warranty for any non-conformities that arise in the two years following delivery of the product. In any event, the Customer must report the non-conformity within two months of its arising, in accordance with this clause and including all information required in respect of the product, order number and non-conformity detected.

The coverage offered by this legal warranty does not include faults caused by negligence, knocks, misuse or improper handling or normal wear and tear. Where a claim is justified under this warranty, the item will either be repaired, replaced, reduced or refunded, as provided for by law.

If the Customer notices that the package has been damaged during transit, we encourage not to accept the package, and if it has been accepted already, report the incidence in less that 24 hours to the email:


The liability of SOLO CONTEMPORARY in relation to any product purchased on will be strictly limited to the price of the product purchased by the Customer.

SOLO CONTEMPORARY accepts no liability for the following losses, regardless of how caused: a) loss of income or sales; b) loss of business; c) loss of profit or contracts; d) loss of forecast savings; e) loss of hours of work .

SOLO CONTEMPORARY will not be responsible for any breach or delay in complying with any obligation assumed, where such delay or breach is owing to events beyond the reasonable control of SOLO CONTEMPORARY (“Force Majeure”).

SOLO CONTEMPORARY will not be responsible for any breach or delay in the fulfillment of the obligations assumed by DHL or by any other contracted courier company.

Force Majeure includes any act, event, failure to exercise, omission or accident that is beyond the control of SOLO CONTEMPORARY, including but not limited to: strikes, lockouts, protests that hinder or compromise the shipping of products, unrest, invasion, earthquake, flood, epidemics, inability to use trains or means of transport (in general).

Obligations will be suspended for the duration of the Force Majeure. Once normality has been restored, and insofar as is possible, SOLO CONTEMPORARY will contact the Customer to find a solution to allow it to fullfil its obligations.


The Customer acknowledges and accepts that all products purchased are protected by intellectual property rights. The Customer may not use the purchased products where they infringe protected intellectual property rights. 


These General Terms & Conditions, and the sale of SOLO CONTEMPORARY products, are subject to Spanish law.

Should SOLO CONTEMPORARY fail to respond to a written claim submitted by the Customer within a reasonable timeframe, or should it not be possible to reach an amicable agreement in relation to a dispute between the Customer and SOLO CONTEMPORARY, any litigation concerning the interpretation, compliance or non-compliance of the agreement between SOLO CONTEMPORARY and the Customer will be exclusively heard by the Spanish courts.


For any queries, please contact:

Calle de la Viña, 2. 28003, Madrid