Greta, 2015
Nina Saunders
Odense, Denmark

The everyday is reimagined by Nina Saunders, whose sculptures are presented as fluid, living beings. Armchairs melt into their surroundings, furniture is deformed by tumorous growths and discarded objects become the protagonists of brand new stories.

Saunders was born in Denmark and studied at Central St. Martins College of Art and Design in London, where she now lives and works. Her first furniture-based piece dates from 1989; she was encouraged by viewers’ reactions to the work, fascinated by the expressive potential of sofas or armchairs, and keen to explore the ways in which our bodies automatically relate to furniture.

Since 1992, Saunders has hosted over 30 individual presentations, including at prestigious museum venues. She has created artworks for the Hermes flagship stores in New York, Los Angeles and Dubai, and was featured in the Venice Biennale 2009. Saunders has also created public artworks for locations in Denmark, Sweden and UK, and her pieces form part of the permanent collections at the Malmö Konstmuseum in Sweden and the Skive Kunstmuseum in Denmark, as well as the Hayward Gallery, Saatchi Collection and Victoria and Albert Museum, all in London.

Artworks by Nina Saunders

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