The Silent Garden of Black Cats, 2020
Red Shoes Girl, 2016
Munk People, 2016
Aquilegia Flagellata, 2018
Jang Koal
Seoul, Korea

A realm of bold female characters, furry cats, lush flowers and dreamlike landscapes populate the inviting narratives of Jang Koal. Although she has a background in illustration, Koal started out in painting and employs age-old techniques, using multiple layers of paint on traditional Korean paper, `hanji´, made with the inner bark of the mulberry tree. Big alluring eyes, alive long black hair, bright red lips and pale white skin are trademark attributes of Koal’s intriguing protagonists. Exploration and discovery are key on her artworks. As the artist herself explains, “losing one’s sense of curiosity and the will to discover something new is even scarier than the unknown.” Koal’s first solo exhibition was held in Seoul in 2016. Recently she has participated in group shows in Los Angeles, USA (Corey Helford), in London (Dorothy Circus) and in Amsterdam (KochxBos). She has also exhibited at the Art Busan Korea art fair. Jang Koal is an artist supported by Colección SOLO. Original paintings are housed at the art collection in Espacio SOLO (Madrid).

Artworks by Jang Koal

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