Amaterasu, 2015.
Freedom of Expression / Human Rights, 2016.
Guardian Deity of One's Birthplace, 2016.
Zombie Painter, 2016.
Hideyuki Katsumata
Chiyoda, Japan

Humans, gods and monsters happily coincide in the bright visual universe of Hideyuki Katsumata. The Tokyo-based artist blends Japanese folk tradition, religious imagery, ukiyo-e and influences from manga to create vibrant works, brimming with colour.

A self-taught artist, Katsumata admits that one of his primary motivations is to have fun creating the outlandish figures which have become his trademark. Monsters, warriors and morphed mythological figures are recurring themes, while Hanautah — a kind of creature which came to the artist in a dream — has featured in his creations since 2003. “I want all kinds of characters to coexist in my works,” says the artist, who develops formats from small-scale drawings to wall murals, music videos, vinyl figures and clothing designs.

Katsumata ha participado en exposiciones colectivas en Brasil, Estados Unidos y Holanda, entre otros países. Como veterano del movimiento BCTION, que ocupa edificios que van a ser demolidos y los llena de propuestas artísticas que se abren al público, este artista japonés fue uno de los 70 que transformaron las nueve plantas de un edificio de oficinas en Kojimachi en 2014.

Katsumata has participated in group shows in Brazil, USA and Holland, among others, and hosted his first individual museum show at Dundee Contemporary Arts, Scotland, in 2015. A veteran of the BCTION movement, which occupies buildings due for demolition, filling them with artworks and opening them for public viewing, Katsumata was among the 70 artists who transformed nine floors of an empty office building in Kojimachi, Japan in 2014. He shows regularly in Bangkok as part of the creative duo "Stranger Twins,” and featured in Nakama de Art, Tokyo, in 2018.

Artworks by Hideyuki Katsumata

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