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Cruce de Miradas 2, 2018
Óbices de una Quimera Milenial, 2018
Retrato #1
Grip Face
Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Colour, abstraction and recognisable forms characterise the work of Spanish artist, Grip Face. His art encompasses what he refers to as “indoor” and “outdoor” practice, expressed in a range of formats from small-scale works on paper to murals and other site specific interventions. Transitional spaces such as doorways, parking lots and lift shafts are of interest to Grip Face, who was commissioned to create an artwork for the lift at Espacio SOLO Madrid in 2018. Grip Face started drawing as a child and by his early teens was customising friends’ skateboard grips; the nickname “Grip Face” became his pseudonym. Comics, graffiti, street signs and urban architecture all feed into his artwork, which blends thoughtful use of color with recurring motifs such as faces, hair and hands. Issues such as discrimination or the environment underlie many of Grip Face’s works and the locations he chooses to realise them. Outdoors, his interventions can be viewed in Madrid, Barcelona, Naples and the Q21 Museums Quarter in Vienna, among others, and the artist has also exhibited in prestigious gallery spaces including the Hyvinkää Art Museum, Finland, Ses Voltes Centre for Contemporary Art and the Fundación Miró, Mallorca.

Artworks by Grip Face

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  • Grip Face- Diario Visual Volumen Uno
    Grip Face- Diario Visual Volumen Uno Grip Face- Diario Visual Volumen Uno

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