El Rey de la Vida, 2018
El Rey de la Vida, 2018
Cool 3D World
Brooklyn, USA

“Crazy things happening in real spaces”. is how Cool 3D World partners Brian Tessler and Jon Baken describe their bizarre, moving universes. Elongated digital beings, chubby blokes in underpants and an assortment of anthropomorphic figures populate scatalogical narratives brought to life using 3D animation.

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Cool 3D World came together in 2015. Both Tessler and Baken have a background in electronic composition, sound design and 3D animation, and music is a driving force in their animated shorts. Emotional reactions to different melodies or sounds often serve as starting points for their creations, which are characterised by vivid colour and a playful, uncanny-valley aesthetic.

Since their work first appeared on Vine in 2015, Cool 3D World have garnered huge followings across different social media, with each new video reaching thousands of fans across the globe. In this sense, Cool 3D World illustrate a brand new generation of artists, creative talents whose artworks and audiences inhabit digital environments beyond traditional gallery and museum settings.

Artworks by Cool 3D World

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