The party triptych, 2018
Egg Triptych, 2014
Amandine Urruty
Paris, France

Dog-faced children, bed-sheet ghosts, dollhouses and hybrid creatures dwell on Amandine Urruty’s black and white delightfully drawn realms.

A self-confessed “weirdo” at school, Amandine Urruty always knew that she wanted to draw. In 2005 she completed a Master in Philosophy of Art at Toulouse University, followed by a brief spell as the lead vocalist in an underground band. Her illustrations soon drew interest from the art world and she was offered her first solo show in 2008. Since then, her drawings have been part of more than seventy exhibitions around the world, in Europe, the USA, Mexico and Asia. Urruty has created large-scale wall murals in Thailand, Finland, Georgia and Spain, and published four monographic books: the most recent, The Party (United Dead Artists, 2018) and Certains l’Aiment Chiot (Critères, 2018).

Keen to keep her approach spontaneous and fun, she works from her bed, building her images “like we would wander in the alleys of a Sunday flea market.” Urruty’s crowded, wicked and ambivalent creations take inspiration from a fascination with the Renaissance, Neoclassical and Romantic periods, characters from contemporary popular culture and her passion for pencil and paper. Amandine Urruty is an artist supported by Colección SOLO. Original artworks are housed at the art collection in Espacio SOLO (Madrid).

Artworks by Amandine Urruty

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