Motohiro Hayakawa
Yamaguchi, Japan

Battle scenes criss-crossed with neon beams of laser gun fire, populated by an eclectic cast of lurid monsters, stout robots and kitsch sci-fi heroes. This is the universe of Japanese artist, Motohiro Hayakawa, a celebration of intergalactic adventure and an invitation to step inside the fun.

Born in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan, Hayakawa studied at the region’s Technical Institute before embarking on a career in illustration and comics. The science fiction adventures and cartoons of his childhood feed directly into Hayakawa’s imaginary, with the cult Japanese television show, ‘Space Sheriff’, broadcast in the early 1980s, having a lasting influence on his art.

Hayakawa’s action-packed narratives are expressed across a range of media, from pencil drawings and vinyl figures like ‘Rifleman’ through to large-scale paintings. He also takes an innovative approach to materials, blending different textures and techniques to create works such as Diver, held by Colección SOLO, which incorporates crayon and metallic acrylics on canvas.

Since 2009, he has exhibited in galleries across Tokyo, including at the Morishita Cultural Centre, and is a member of the Tokyo Illustrators’ Society. He held a solo show in Madrid in 2013 and has released a number of comic books including LASERBEAM (2013) and INVADER (2018).

Artworks by Motohiro Hayakawa

Limited by solo

  • Space Battles series 1 - #6
    Space Battles series 1 - #6 Space Battles series 1 - #6

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