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Carl Krull
Aero, Denmark

Danish artist Carl Krull shapes lines and space into voluminous forms, presenting eerie figures whose existence seems to have been caught by sonar. His painstakingly constructed works resemble natural phenomena such as growth rings in trees or stalactites, and are referred to by the artist as “human seismographs.”

Krull studied at the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland, and the San Carlos Academy of Fine Arts in Mexico City. He embraces a range of media, including installation, video and photography, but is best known for his line drawings and sculptures. In series such as Barrier Drawings (2017), human figures emerge from criss-cross black on white ink lines, as if echo located in space. The Scroll Drawings (2013), meanwhile, were created on a road trip, with every bump, twist and turn of the journey incorporated into artworks developed on long rolls of paper.

Since his first solo show in 2001, Krull has hosted individual presentations in Denmark, USA, France and Japan, and his work has featured in numerous group exhibitions, including at museum venues such as The Norwegian Centre of Architecture and Design in Oslo and the Museo del Caribe, Colombia. He was awarded the Diesel New Art Prize in 2005 and has created various wall murals in Denmark, including the 100m-long Seismic Wave (2015) in Copenhagen. Krull’s work forms part of the permanent collection at ARoS Aarhus Art Museum, and his four-metre sculpture, Celestial (2018) resides in Elisnore Harbour, Denmark.

Artworks by Carl Krull

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